East Asian Europe, founded in 2009, is the definitive magazine of interest to anyone involved with East Asia, Oceania and the Pacific region, East Asian communities in the West and East Asian developments in the region stretching from Myanmar (Burma) to the Pacific Rim. With an expanding subscriber base amongst business individuals and institutions and other corporate and financial entities, art and culture organisations, East Asian Europe is an influential forum that guarantees maximum impact across a wide spectrum of readership.

The magazine is published by Academic File / EAPGROUP Business Media, a division of EAPGROUP International Media (EAP), London, publishers of other wide-circulation periodical titles in print and on line as well as books and monographs under their book-publishing imprint, Saffron.

East Asian Europe also produces focused monographs in high-definition magazine format to cater for the needs of businesses, corporate and high net worth individuals based in or with connections in the European Union as well as European individuals, companies and institutions interacting with the East Asia, Oceania and the Pacific region, East Asian communities in the EU and the neighbouring states.

East Asian Europe editorial and advertising remit encompasses the whole European region as well as East Asia, Oceania and the Pacific region.
East Asian Europe readers and subscribers include non-East Asian EU residents and citizens interested in East Asia for business, professional, political or other reasons, those with political and scholarly interests in the region; and travellers to London seeking information about restaurants and shopping, exhibitions, lectures, music and cinema, and other events and entertainment.

East Asian readership of the online publication and its print editiions features prominently high net worth individuals and their families with a considerable combined spending power. The lavishly illustrated full-colour magazine-format monograph series features articles, interviews, reviews plus expanded listing of events in Europe and East Asia, Oceania and the Pacific region.

A Focused Advertising Medium
East Asian Europe is a carefully focused medium providing advertisers with access to a wide range of institutions and professionals that require a vast range of goods and services. The new classified advertisements section is the perfect meeting point for businesses and individuals offering or requiring East Asian goods and services available in Europe, as well as general advertisements.

East Asian Europe has a global readership among high net worth individuals, corporates and government and business institutions, and its print version is also distributed outside continental Europe and East Asia. East Asian Europe is also distributed amongst organisations, including airlines, banks and other financial institutions, government departments in the UK and abroad, hotels, UK registered businesses, embassies and cultural organisations.

Editorial Team
East Asian Europe is backed by a strong international editorial team comprising professional writers, columnists and academics drawn from universities and other learned institutions from across Europe, East Asia, Oceania and the Pacific region as well as North America.
Back Issues and Subscription

Highlights of East Asian Europe, its back issues and tables of contents, listings and subscription information are posted on eastasianeurope.net website. All the contents can be accessed by subscribers and non-subscribers alike. For a promotional period the print editions are also downloadable from the homepage at eastasianeurope.net.